Test series with printed battery are completed

Extensive tests were started to complete the data sheet for the printed batteries from HyPrint. As part of a clearly defined test procedure, the batteries are exposed to various loads.

The first tests in which the HY_T_LOG temperature loggers with printed batteries were stored at -80 ° C, among others, were successful. After removing them from the cooling unit, the labels could be activated after less than 2 minutes, so that the measurement and recording of the temperature could be started.

Tests with regard to the duration of the energy supply to the label at various log intervals were also successful.

The HyPrint NFC temperature logger HY_T_LOG is used for cold chain monitoring e.g. in the logistics and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the food industry.

With user-defined time intervals for measuring and recording the temperatures at the desired position (container, pallet, packaging or even directly on the product) during transport, the HY_T_LOG provides precise data for monitoring temperature-controlled products.

The flexible, self-adhesive HY_T_LOG contains a temperature sensor, a digital memory, a flexible printed battery and NFC technology (Near Field Communication).

HyPrint relies on the printed battery for disposable labels for reasons of flexibility of the labels and the recyclability of the materials. The printing process used for production is also a reproducible and resource-saving production process.