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Our Mission

By combining specialist knowledge in printing technology, materials science and embedded systems engineering, HyPrint uses the interdisciplinary synergy in the field of hybrid electronics to offer full-service systems that are partly based on the ecosystem of printed electronics and thus benefit from the profitability of mass production.

Development services, product development and production for the following industries, among others: transport / logistics, pharmaceuticals and packaging as well as a supplement to graphic print products.

Our Team

Our team can also be reached by phone: +49 (0) 6221 – 42 63 455

Andreas Laib

Managing Director
Finance & Business Development

Founder & Partner


Julia Knape

Communications and Marketing

Carsten Laß




Christian Breiner

Business Development & Sales



Dr. Martin Gutfleisch

Managing Director Technology

Founder & Partner


Dr. Richard Leys

Director Hardware & Software-Design

Founder & Partner


Rony Samaan

Development Engineer

Embedded Systems Engineering


Dr. Bertold Grützmacher

External Consultant
Strategic Innovation Processes


Frank C. Kilian

External Consultant
Business Processes and IT