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Dr. Richard Leys

Director Hardware & Software-Design
Founder & Partner

Richard Leys was born on October 10th, 1986 in Croix (France). After graduating from high school he studied Engineering (Diplôme d’État d’Ingénieur) at ECE Paris with a master’s degree focusing on the area of embedded systems. Part of the course also included a semester abroad at Stafford University (England) and Heidelberg University (Germany).

This was followed by a doctorate in the field of computer science – computer architecture under Prof. Brüning at the University of Heidelberg (title: Software engineering for hardware / software co-design improvement applied to digital integrated circuit design). According to the doctoral focus, Leys researched low-level software architecture in connection with high-performing computing. He developed and implemented digital circuits in the TSMC 65 nm process node for the Extoll high-performance network card ASIC (~ 290M transistors).

From 2014 to 2017 Leys was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Karlsruhe with the general purpose of digital-analog mixed-signal integrated circuit design mostly applied to sensor systems for physics experiments (e.g. LHC @ CERN; technologies: UMC 180 nm, AMS 350 nm, Xilinx FPGA; development and maintenance of the Cadence ecosystem). In connection with the teaching assignment, Leys gave lectures on the digital ASIC design process and organized the laboratory work for lectures on the design of digital and analog integrated circuits.

Before founding HyPrint GmbH, Leys was responsible for setting up an R&D department for printed electronics at Witte PlusPrint GmbH. The focus was the design and production of flexible printed circuits on screen printing technology, including associated hardware and software developments for rapid prototyping of products (Capacitive Touch Sensors, Printed Batteries, Pressure and Temperature Sensors etc.).

Rich likes to dedicate himself to music after work, enjoyed a classical music education (Clarinet) and is actively engaged in Celtic music (Violin/Fiddle, Tin whistle, Mandolin).

Technical Skills:

CMOS Circuit Design and Implementation

  • RTL hardware description and verification (Verilog/VHDL, UVM – Cadence Tools)
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal Simulation of CMOS circuits on Cadence ADE Toolchain
  • Implementation on FPGA targets (Xilinx mainly)
  • Semi-Custom and Full-Custom implementation and verification at the top level, tape-out with Foundry Service (DRC/LVS and DFM, Europractice MPW for tapeout)
  • Toolchains + PDK installation and maintenance, including design flow with Cliosoft SoS (License Management with Europractice).
  • Design Flow automation using TCL Domain Specific Language
  • Embedded System and Software design
  • Embedded System Development: Hardware Design (PCB with Eagle and Altium) and Embedded Software Stack on Standard Microcontroller Targets (TI, Microchip, NXP…).
  • System Linux Development (Kernel Building, Kernel Module Programming)
  • Java/Scala/JS based Full Stack Web Development (J2EE, Rest, XML-RPC_
  • Domain Specific Language design in TCL and Java/Scala

Printed Electronics

  • Printing of Functional Fluids using Screen Printing technology (Multi-layer Circuit tracks, Pressure Sensor, Capacitive Touch Fields, Primary and Secondary Batteries)
  • End-to-End design and printing on flat-bed in a production environment (Screen Preparation, Printing Technician assistance, Post-Processing)
  • Software-Assisted Design and PrePress using SVG Open Standards and Open Source Toolchains

General IT/DevOps

  • System administration and maintenance under Linux (Puppet)
  • CI/CD Pipeline using GIT, Jenkins and Container based deployment (Docker)
  • Open Source Workflows (http://github.com/richnou)

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