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Digital temperature monitoring with the

hyfood smart label from HyPrint

What is the hyfood smart label system?


With our innovative system, your data can be easily recorded and controlled during a delivery process or the stationary storage of your products. The electronic temperature trackers consist of the hyfood label, a battery-powered, measuring and storage unit, the hyfood app for controlling and reading out the labels (in connection with an NFC-enabled device/smartphone) and the hyfood cloud, in which, for example, measurement reports (Excel, PDF) can be generated from the information read out.
In this way, the system guarantees a continuous cold chain monitoring and can be used not only in the food industry but also in the logistics or pharmaceutical sectors.

How does the hyfood smart label system work?

Once you have placed the label in the required position (freezer, right on the product, packaging, container, pallet, etc.), you set user-defined time intervals for measuring and recording your data. Immediately after start-up, the label provides precise measurement results for continuous monitoring of sensitive, temperature-controlled products.

The self-adhesive label contains a temperature sensor, a digital memory, a battery and features NFC technology (Near Field Communication). 


You can now read out the required data at any time using an NFC-enabled device and the hyfood app (free download in the Google Play Store). The fully logged temperature history can be checked locally as well as immediately uploaded to the hyfood cloud.

By clearly assigning the individual labels, a separate log in Excel/PDF format is generated for each one. You can precisely trace the temperature curves and reliably evaluate the condition of your product at any time.

Your advantage: Once the hyfood labels have been configured, you or your employees can read out the data with the hyfood app in a fast and efficient way.

Quick and easy readout and push with the hyfood app


The 85x50x2 mm sized label stores real-time temperature values in the range from -40° to +70°C.

The measuring intervals can be freely defined by the user from 15 seconds upwards.

With a fixed measuring interval of 90 minutes, the runtime is 1 year.


Technical characteristics

Storage capacity7000 measurements
Measuring intervaladjustable from 15 seconds to 12 hours
Temperature measuring range-40°C to +70°C
Temperature accuracy+/- 0,3°C between 0°C and 40°C
and +/-0,5°C between -40°C and 0°C such as 40°C and 70°C
Battery life1 Year
Transmission technologyNFC/RFID ISO 14443 type A interface
Dimensions85x50x2 mm
Control systemControlled via HyPrint app: set measurement interval, start, stop, readout, push to cloud