We are looking for

Embedded Systems Engineering

For our Hybrid printed Electronics Development, we are looking for engineering competencies in Embedded Systems, mostly focused on circuit design and embedded programming.

Printed Circuits are mostly similar to classic PCB in terms of design, the specifics around production parameters and flexibility options can be learned with HyPrint’s Team.

The core researched competencies are:

Good PCB Design competencies for the development of printed designs and associated classic electronics

  • Schematic / Layout with Eagle
  • Graphic Layout with Inkscape is a plus
  • Good understanding of Design Rules and willingness to help improve our technology processes by characterising new process parameters

Good Embedded Programming competencies:

  • Rapid Prototyping with General Public Platforms like Arduino or others
  • Low Level Embedded C on microcontroller Platforms: Good knowledge of Interrupt Based Design and power optimised microcontroller programming
  • Bonus: Knowledge of NFC Mifare type memory management and NXP Cortex0 Development environment

Extended Competencies:

  • Android Application Design to communicate with electronics and hyprint printed systems, at least for the prototyping stages
  • Experience/Education in VLSI is a plus to properly understand Wafer-Level Chip integration on Flexible Foils