Get the most important answers to questions about our smart label system here:


Does the label automatically send the data?

No, the label is readout manually with our app. However, the readout process only takes a few seconds! 

How many measured values can a label store?

The chip in our label can store up to 7.000 measured values. The label can be stopped and restarted at any time, so it can be used multiple times. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery has a service life of one year. After this period, we replace the label with a new one.

What happens when the battery is empty? Can I then still readout the data?

Yes! The data is stored in the chip. Through the readout process with the app, the chip receives the necessary energy to be readout. 

Can I use the label more than once?

Yes! The measurement can be stopped and restarted at any time. The label stores up to 7.000 measured values for each new measurement process. 

What temperature ranges can I monitor with the label?

Our label reliably measures the temperature in the range -45 to +70 degrees Celsius. 

From what distance can you readout the label?

Ideally, the readout device should be held approx. 2-3 cm away from the label.  

 Where can I get the HyFood/HyLabel app? 

The app is available for download for Android devices in the Google Play Store. If you also order NFC/readout devices from us, these are already fully configured by us.  

How to dispose of the label?

Upon request, we will take back the labels and dispose of them properly for you. 

What is the difference between HyFood/HyLabel app?

The hyfood app is our quick read app. It is set up in such a way that reading out and transferring the data to the cloud takes place in one process and no buttons have to be pressed. The readout process therefore takes only a few seconds. 

The HyLabel app is more comprehensive. With it, the labels can be configured, e.g. time intervals can be defined.